Student Services

I provide scientific editorial services for PhD students. This includes editing PhD theses, pre-submission journal papers and conferences materials (abstracts, posters and presentations). If the text you wish me to edit will be used as evidence towards your PhD, any service I provide will aim to improve the language used within your thesis, not the content. It is your responsibility to check any edits I make and ensure that your intended meaning is maintained. As part of any editing service for students I will not:

  • Carry out any major re-writing or structural changes.
  • Add, remove or reorder content.
  • Check content against published literature.
  • Re-calculate or perform calculations.
  • Check for plagiarism.
  • Check correctness of tables or figures.

I need to see some evidence of the editorial services your academic institution allows its students to use. This may be an email from your academic supervisor or student service contact.

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