I provide scientific editorial services for native and non-native English speakers, with extensive experience in ESL (English as a second language) editing. I can help you to clearly communicate your science to your intended audience.

Proofreading is generally seen as the final check for consistency and any small mistakes that remain before the publication of a document. Copy-editing occurs much earlier in the publication process compared to proofreading.
I will ensure:

✔︎ consistent spelling (for example, consistency in either American or British English);

✔︎ consistent punctuation (for example, the use of hyphens);

✔︎ consistent style (for example, the use of acronyms);

✔︎ consistent cross-references (whether all tables, figures, and any other elements are present and are referred to appropriately in the text);

✔︎ consistent layout (for example, equal paragraph spacing and heading formats); and

✔︎ consistent numbering (correct and consecutive page and heading numbers).

 This service is relevant to you if: you are in the final stages of publishing your piece of work, but have read it so many times you find it hard to spot the minor errors.


The level of intervention required depends on the original quality of the text. During copy-editing, I will perform:

✔︎ line-by-line editing (optimisation of sentence structure)


✔︎ substantive editing/re-writing (optimisation of the flow of ideas through your document, if needed).

➜ This service is relevant to you if: you know you need help to improve the clarity of your draft piece of text. It is recommended for both native and non-native English speakers.


Generally, text should be copy-edited and then proofread before it is published. For some texts, for example pre-submission journal articles, a combination of these processes may be appropriate. If you are not sure what you need, I recommend that you contact me so that we can discuss your needs and reach a solution.

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If you need to change the formatting of your document in line with a style guide, or your references are formatted inconsistently, you will find my formatting solutions useful.

I will:

✔︎ format your document in accordance with a specific style guide. This could be your organisation’s style guide or the style guide of a journal, for example.

➜ This service is relevant to you if: you need to change the format of your document, but don’t have the time, or the knowledge, to do it.


Checking references can be a time-consuming process. I highly recommend that you use a reference manager like Endnote or Mendeley to insert your references as you type. If you do this correctly, you shouldn’t need my help. However, if you do want some help with your references, I can:

✔︎ format your references according to a style guide (e.g., APA, Harvard, Chicago or MLA);

✔︎ check that each reference contains the right content, highlighting where information appears to be missing;

✔︎ check that all the references in the text are present in the reference list (and vice versa); and/or

✔︎ check all the references in the reference list against the original documents and ensure that they are accurate.


If you have good scientific results, but are not sure how to present them, or need help to produce a high-quality info-graphic, my design solutions may be what you need.

I will:
✔︎ define your needs and produce clear, publication-quality figures for you using programmes from either the Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., Excel, Powerpoint) or the Adobe Suite (e.g., Illustrator).

This service is relevant to you if: you have meaningful data, or an info-graphic in your mind, but are not sure how to present it.


I will:
✔︎ define your needs and produce a professional poster using programmes from either the Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., Powerpoint) or the Adobe Suite (e.g., InDesign, Illustrator).

 This service is relevant to you if: you have all the information you need, but are not sure how to combine it into an effective poster.


I will:
✔︎ define your needs and produce a professional presentation for you to deliver using Microsoft Powerpoint or Prezi.

 This service is relevant to you if: you have all the information you need, but are not sure how to combine it into a powerful presentation.


If you would like my scientific opinion of your text, or need help in deciding where to publish it, please take a look at the consulting solutions I provide.

I will:

✔︎ provide comments throughout your document of changes that you could make that may improve it (I do not make the changes).

✔︎ check that the data in the text reflects that shown in your tables, figures or other elements.

✔︎ provide advice on the overall structure of your document.

 This service is relevant to you if: you have a document that needs checking for its technical content.


I will:

✔︎ provide a selection of suitable journals that you could submit your manuscript to, with pros and cons of each.

 This service is relevant to you if: you have a journal manuscript that you wish to publish, but are not sure which journal to publish it in.


Document types

✔︎ Pre-submission journal articles
✔︎ Post-submission journal articles
✔︎ Academic text books
✔︎ Educational materials
✔︎ Conference presentations
✔︎ PhD theses
✔︎ Reviewer response letters
✔︎ Grant proposals

Areas of expertise

✔︎ Aquatic ecology
✔︎ Marine ecology
✔︎ Environmental management
✔︎ Ecotoxicology
✔︎ Hazard/risk assessment
✔︎ Water quality
✔︎ Pollution and remediation
✔︎ Environmental microbiology
✔︎ Climate modelling
✔︎ Conservation biology
✔︎ Plant biology
✔︎ Plant pathology
✔︎ Plant ecology

How I work

As a PrSfEP-badge-[Professional-Member]-Normalofessional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, I follow their code of practice. I can work in MS Word using track changes, with Adobe PDF using standard BSI proofreading symbols or comment markups and on paper proofs. I will work with you and address any minor queries following my initial edit of any document.

Contact me

If you would like me to work with you please submit a request or contact me for an accurate, obligation free quote. All files are treated in confidence; please see my terms and conditions for more information. I offer discounts for non-profit organisations and students.