Clients and Testimonials

I have worked with a variety of clients on pre- and post-submission journal papers, academic text books, educational materials and theses. I take pride in producing high-quality edits and always deliver on time.

I have edited over 150 pre-submission journal papers, which have been successfully published in many journals, including Aquatic ToxicologyClimate DynamicsClimatic ChangeEnvironmental MicrobiologyEnvironmental PollutionEnvironmental Science and Pollution ResearchHydrobiologiaMarine Ecology Progress SeriesPlant Disease, Scientific Reports and Water Research. Within this work, I have also provided manuscript assessments, helping authors to identify where their manuscripts could be improved prior to submission.

Dr Jones has been working with Oxford Science Editing for the last few months, and has truly risen to meet the high standards that our company sets. The authors benefit hugely from her skills, not only for the meticulous attitude she demonstrates to proofreading and editing, but for her scientific insights that set our services apart. She has stepped in on several occasions to help us out when rush orders have been needed, and she has never missed a deadline. No request ever seems like too much trouble! I hope, on behalf of OSE, that she continues to work with us for many years to come.”

Natalie, Oxford Science Editing, July 2015

I received the corrected manuscript today. Thank you for your prompt response for the proofreading of my manuscript. Now, I can resubmit my manuscript on time. What you have done to me really helps me a lot. I appreciate your cooperation again.”

Author, via Oxford Science Editing, July 2015

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your editing. Thank you for the excellent job you did on this paper…”

Colin, LucidPapers, November 2014

Steph’s review is very helpful for me. The paper is improved significantly and now reads more clear and coherent. Each sentence was read carefully. Vague sentences were removed by adding conjunctions in appropriate places, altering sentence structures for the smooth flow and using words in a more authentic manner. Consistency was also concerned, especially for the abbreviation spelling, hyphenation, unit and other issues that are hard to discover when the writer is too familiar with the script. The whole structure of the paper was also adjusted thoughtfully. Duplication sentences are removed and main points are highlighted. So the paper looks more concise and convictive. Last but not least, the technical terminology is reviewed thoughtfully and professionally by Steph with the background of PhD.”

Lang, PhD Student, Macquarie University, October 2014

I have now been through your edited manuscript, which was very impressive indeed. If anything, you went beyond the call of duty…

…You are perfect for pre-acceptance/pre-submission editing, because you have that balance between understanding the science and being great at English. It means you can provide a real value-added service. I’d of course love to use you again…”

Colin, LucidPapers, October 2014

Steph provided a review for our academic paper that has since been submitted to an international scientific journal. Her editing was concise, consistent and very useful as a second opinion from a professional trained in science, but from outside the immediate field of the paper – reflecting the desired readership of our study. Steph tailored her comments towards the relevant journal which added particular value to her review. She provided us with a synopsis of major comments and a tracked-changed document. Her comments reflect the experience she has in publishing in both a professional and academic environment. We would engage her services again, and highly recommend her work.”

Tom, PhD Student, Macquarie University, August 2014

No false modesty – I’m a pretty good writer. When I came to writing my first journal article manuscript, after several rounds of revisions from my supervisors, I thought it was in the bag. Nothing further required.

Steph went through with a fine-toothed comb and picked up a dismaying number of internal inconsistencies, breaks with convention, and outright errors which my busy supervisors had missed. She also showed a deftness of phrase and improved the clarity of several passages. I’m too close to the material and it would have taken me many hours of methodical staring to catch these – if I managed it at all.

Steph’s thoroughness and fine judgement were abundantly clear from the subtle nature of some of the edits. No matter how polished you think your manuscript is, nothing compares to a fresh set of eyes, and a professional editor has the time and the drive to give your draft far more attention than most supervisors and “charity editors” (e.g. peers).”

Michael, PhD Student, Macquarie University, August 2014


I am a copy-editor for Nature Ecology & EvolutionNature Biomedical Engineering and Nature Human Behaviour.

I have also performed manuscript assessments as a blind reviewer for Ecotoxicology and Environmental SafetyEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry and PLoS ONE.

I have edited academic text books for Taylor and Francis, via an intermediary.

I have copy-edited and proofread educational materials for Pearson, via two intermediaries. These have included biology and chemistry GCSE revision guides and workbooks, as well as a BTEC Applied Science (Microbiology) text book.

Stephanie has a great eye for things, and has made some truly helpful comments and suggestions. Her proofreading skills are excellent and queries pertinent. She always works to deadline and budget. I would highly recommend her services.”

Julie, Bespoke Publishing Ltd , January 2017

I have edited several technical reports for charities and environmental consultancies. Clients include Scriptoria and Wetlands International.

I have worked on a variety of student theses, in subjects including waste water treatment, marine noise and climate modelling.

It was a great pleasure to work with Stephanie on my MSc thesis.  While keeping a close eye on the overall consistency, Stephanie provided me with many and incredibly useful suggestions which allowed me to improve my text and the overall presentation of my work. Our communication was very smooth and easy and delivery was always on schedule. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone chewing on an environmental text that requires academic standards.”

Dorit, MSc Student, University of Bath, February 2017

I have done a lot of deal with many proofreading and editing but definitely you are the best. Great work, high quality, not rush and the most important you are qualified and honest.”

Hamed, PhD Student, Abertay University, September 2015